Australia and New Zealand, next destinations of AGRAGEX in trade delegation

  • From the 22th of July to 2nd of August, nine firms will accompany the Association with the aim of strengthening commercial bonds with both countries
  • They will hold meetings with local distributors and importers to promote the Spanish products

Leioa, July 22nd 2019.- The Spanish Exporters Association of Agricultural Machinery and its Components has organized a trade delegation to Australia and New Zealand which starts next Monday. The following nine member companies will take part: Solplast, Novagric, Interquim, RKD, Hefe Fertilizer, Vyrsa, Magon, ITPSA y Projar.

Representatives from these companies will meet with importers and distributors from both countries with the aim of promoting the Spanish machinery and Spare parts supply. In general, the goal of the trade delegation is to consolidate its position in these markets and try to find possible commercial partners.

The work plan will kick off the 22nd of July in New Zealand, followed by a journey to Australia, where the trip will conclude by the 2nd of August. The companies will take some stopovers among several cities in both countries in order to get first-hand knowledge of the agricultural and livestock sector.

AGRAGEX organizes this trade delegation approximately every 3 years, due to the multiple business opportunities these markets offer, in spite of their distant location. – claims Mrs. Diana Fernández, international trade advisor in AGRAGEX.

Both New Zealand and Australia have a long agro-livestock tradition. The strength of the agricultural and livestock exports of New Zealand become clear by their economic value, since they represent almost half of the income generated by the country’s overall exports.

In this regard, the country is certainly one of the major wool and dairy product exporters in the world, although its sales of cow, goat and fish meat, along with wooden and horticultural products should also be highlighted.

Meanwhile, the agro-livestock sector in Australia also contributes substantially to the general exports of the country. Its most demanded products are wheat, cow meat, wool and goat meat.

Other relevant productions in this market are oats, barley, sorghum, vegetables, fruits, cotton, sugar, tobacco, fodder plants and oleaginous seeds. Among greenhouse crops, the main ones are pumpkin, cucumber, lettuce and, above all, tomato.

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