Filtration system for the SDP in Nungua (Ghana)

STF Filtros is currently setting up the self-cleaning mesh filters for the Nungua (Ghana) desalination plant. The plant – the first of its kind in West Africa – has a desalination capacity of 60,000 m3/day to supply over half a million inhabitants. STF Filtros is participating in the construction of three filters for the pre-ultrafiltration process filtering that is part of the treatment process. This involves three units of their FMA 10414 model manufactured with special requirements and specifications for the project that is being executed by Spanish multinational Abengoa, with an associated investment package of close to 100 million Euros (design, construction and exploitation).

At present, Accra, capital of Nungua, with nearly 3 million inhabitants, has difficulties satisfying the water demand for its outlying towns. In a country which is experiencing a major demographic growth, only 50 % of the 800,000 m3/day water necessary to cover the needs of the population is currently being supplied. Therefore, the Ghanaian authorities have prioritised water supply projects and private investment, within the framework of the Economic Recovery Programme which was started in the 1980s to revitalise the country’s economy.

STF Filtros is an active participant in the main desalination projects worldwide, manufacturing desalination filters for locations in different countries – with a special mention for the plant at Tuaspring in Singapore.


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