AGRAGEX Foreign buyers congress has concluded with a complete success of assistance and participation

  • In this Congress participated more than 50 imports and distributors of agricultural machinery and equipment of 30 countries.


  • GOIZPER, EXAFAN and SISTEMA AZUD received the AGRAGEX exportation awards.


Leioa, March 4th, 2020.-The Spanish Association of Manufacturers-Exporters of Agricultural Machinery and its Components, Greenhouses and Crop Protection, Irrigation Systems, Livestock Equipment, Nutrition and Animal Health, Forestry Machinery, Biomass and Post-Harvesting Equipment (AGRAGEX) has concluded with a complete success of assistance and participation.

In this edition, 50 imports and distributors of agricultural machinery and equipment, coming from 30 countries, has hold more than 2.000 meetings with Spanish agricultural Spanish companies within the framework of the International Fair of Agricultural Machinery (FIMA) which was celebrated from the 23th to the 25th of February in Zaragoza. This event turn Aragon´s capital into the worldwide reference of the sector.

“This year we have invited companies of important markets for us such as South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, East Europe and Middle East that is to say practically entire world” states Jaime Hernani, Agragex director.

In this occasion AGRAGEX organized the firs conferences about different topics such as greenhouses crops, fertirrigation, water treatment for irrigation or irrigation for intensive crops. Moreover, within the framework of this Congress, AGRAGEX celebrated the second edition of Exportation Awards, which has been created in 2018 because of the 40th anniversary of the Association. This year, the awarded companies were GOIZPER SCOOP, EXAFAN y SISTEMA AZUD, “three important companies of the agricultural and livestock sector and unconditional members of AGRAGEX”, states the director of the Association.

Despite of the international crisis caused by the coronavirus, all the invited companies by AGRAGEX assisted to the Congress showing a great interest in establish and improve the commercial relationship with the Spanish manufacturers. “The extension of the coronavirus was not a sufficient reason to intimidate our guests who came on time to the Congress” details Hernani.



Strong export performance

On the other hand, the excellent export numbers of 2019 that has just been release shows the great interest the products of the Spanish manufacturers has in the entire world. “The good

numbers allows us to be present in the five continents for the promotion in 2020” states the director of AGRAGEX.

Specifically, Spain has exported more than 2.496 millions of euros of agricultural machinery and equipment in 2019, what it shows the great job made by the professionals of the sector. The Spanish total export number has increased a 7,55% with respect to the 2018.

“One more year France has been our first customer and Europe our first continent, but we have to highlight the good performance of Africa which increases a 23,2% with respect to 2018”, states the director of Agragex. On its behalf, Morocco maintains as a n important customer of agricultural and livestock equipment of the Spanish companies and is, after Italy, the 4th country which most purchase to Spain.

It is a must highlight the situation of Egypt, where an important greenhouses project was given to company from Murcia and member of AGRAGEX what it derived in important applications for irrigation equipment allocated to Spanish companies.

Finally, we need to highlight that the exportations to South America has increased above the 13,32% because of the good performance of Mexico after two years of weak performance.

“From AGRAGEX, we would like to express our gratitude to our member for the confidence show in the Association, to FIMA of Zaragoza for their incessant support in all of our initiatives and to the press media for their interest in our activity”, concludes Jaime Hernani. 

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