Activity NOREL is a Spanish company whose business is to develop, manufacture and trade animal nutrition feed ingredients and additives....
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Andrés Pintaluba, S.A.

Activity Excellence in livestock production is our customers’ (main) objective, and is therefore also our goal at Andrés Pintaluba SA...
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CPC Feed / Complementos de Piensos Compuestos, S.A.

Activity CPC it’s ANIMAL NUTRITION, has been developing solutions since 1978 for the livestock sector. • More than 40 years...
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Trisal, S.A.

Activity TRISAL, S.A.U, is a company specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of saline solutions for industry and foodstuff complement...
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S.P. Veterinaria, S.A.

Activity S.P. Veterinaria is a veterinary pharmaceutical company with a wide range of parenteral, oral and intra mammary. – Disinfectants...
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Produmix, S.A.

Activity Produmix is a worldwide leader in nutritional solutions, offering performance, health and profitability. – Nutritional solutions – Basemixes for...
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Laboratorios Maymo, S.A.

Activity European pharmaceutical company specialising in animal health, with 85 years of history, developing, manufacturing and commercialising pharmaceutical products, additives...
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Ingaso Farm, S.L.U.

Activity Ingaso Farm S.L.U. is a leading brand in pig nutrition, specialised in first ages. Our success relies on a...
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INVESA – Industrial Veterinaria, S.A.

Activity Veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory that manufactures in Spain and exports worldwide the following products: – Injectable antibiotics – Oral antibiotics...
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Interquim, S.A.

Activity Ferrer HealthTech (Interquim, S.A.), part of Ferrer, is a pioneer in the field of citric-derived additives for animal feed,...
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