what we offer

Our services range from the complete organization of companies in international fairs and congresses, direct missions and reverse missions, the implementation of business cooperation projects, Attracting and channelling customer inquiries, database management, promotion of the Brand-Sector, the development of statistical studies and advice on all matters related to internationalization.

Foreign promotion activities

Foreign promotion tools

B2B meetings

Trade delegations at destination

Virtual missions

Organization of group participations in the main trade fairs of the sector

Customized services


We are constantly searching for solutions to issues raised by our member companies. For this, we organize seminars and conferences attended by experts in different subjects in order to be able to respond to any concerns that may arise.

Fostering cooperation

We seek to foster cooperation between companies in order to promote synergies that will enable their international expansion.

Inqueries and management of business opportunities

We receive inquiries from both national and international clients that we manage and channel in order to put potential clients in contact with our partners, thus creating valuable database of clients from all the different sub-sectors that AGRAGEX represents.

Personalized advice

From Agragex we try to respond to our member companies’ concerns though our experience and the collaboration of complementary services companies. To this end, we provide information regarding customs, legal and subsidy management issues, and we offer advice on marketing and communication as well as commercial digitalization.

Marketing and communication actions

Nowadays, the company aims to promote and publicize the MARCA ESPAÑA worldwide as one of the leading countries producing advanced agricultural and livestock equipment and machinery. Thus, show the potential that our country’s industry can offer and which is in fact already offering.
For this end, we use the following tools:

Social networks

Advertising campaigns

Press release

Grants and subsides

We manage public aid programs that the different administrations make available to companies through the association and, also, we advise on how to access them.
On the other hand, we are in continuous contact and collaboration with the following entities, which also offer their help to our associates:

AREX (Aragon)

IPEX (Castilla – La Mancha)

ICE (Castilla – León)

EXTENDA (Andalucía)

ICEX, España Exportación e Inversiones

Gobierno Vasco – SPRI – Basque Trade & Investmen

Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad

Parque Empresarial Ibarrabarri
C/ Iturriondo nº18
Edificio A-1, 1ºC
48940 Leioa, Vizcaya – Spain

Phone. (+34) 94 470 65 05

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