Agragex is the Spanish Manufacturers – Exporters Association of Agricultural Machinery and its Components, Greenhouses, Nutrition and Plant Health, Irrigation Systems, Livestock Equipment, Nutrition and Animal Health, Forestry Machinery, Biomass and Post-Harvesting, Support and Storage Equipment.

What began in 1978 as an answer for the necessities of a few companies to export today has become a reference for the Spanish exporters. Agragex is currently comprised by 105 member companies spread out across the whole of Spain which are responsible for 45% of the total exports.

Founded in



Sector Exports


The association has the following goals

Promote the internationalization of its associated companies and boost their exports.

Promote the collaboration as well as the cooperation among its associates, thus foster the competitiveness of the companies.

Offer high quality services in order to promote the Spanish agricultural sector abroad

Uphold the general interest of its associates.



IPPE: Atlanta-EE.UU., 24-26 January.
FRUIT LOGISTICA: Berlín – Alemania, 8-10 February.
VIV ASIA: Bangkok-Tailandia, 8-10 March.
GREENTECH AMERICAS: Querétaro – México, 21-23 March.
GREENTECH: Ámsterdam – Holanda, 13-15 June.
AGRILEVANTE: Bari-Italia,5-8 October.
AGRITECHNICA: Hannover – Alemania, 12-18 November.
VIV MEA: Abu Dhabi – E.A.U., 20-22 November.
*GROWTECH: Antalya-Turquía, 22-25 November.
Irán (Misión Comercial Directa), 16-21 June.
Tailandia – Vietnam, (Misión Comercial Directa), 3-7 July.
Sudáfrica – Angola, (Misión Comercial Directa), 17-21 July.
Mauritania-(Argelia?) (Misión Comercial Directa), 2-6 October.
Panamá – Venezuela (Misión Comercial Directa), 16-20 October.


How we work

At Agragex, we always seek to provide the best service to increase the competitiveness of our member companies. It is essential for us to be close to our associates and know their concerns and interests. For all this, we participate in forums and meetings, we design and manage an international promotion plan and we propose actions to be carried out.


Close to out associates

Our main mission is to serve and provide our member companies with valuable services that help in their internationalization process.

We are at the disposal of the companies to help them solve problems and meet their needs. We have a human team wit a long experience both in international trade and in the agricultural sector.

These are the main services we offer:

  • Foreign promotion activities
  • Training
  • Promotion of cooperation
  • Consultation and management of business opportunities
  • Personalized advice
  • Marketing and communication activities
  • Grants and subsidies

To be a member

If you wish to become an Agragex member, you can send your request to:

(+34) 94 470 65 05

Parque Empresarial Ibarrabarri

C/ Iturriondo nº18 Edificio A-1, 1ºC

48940 Leioa, Vizcaya – España.


AGRAGEX currently has 105 associated companies spread throughout the country.

Parque Empresarial Ibarrabarri
C/ Iturriondo nº18
Edificio A-1, 1ºC
48940 Leioa, Vizcaya – Spain

Phone. (+34) 94 470 65 05


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