Advantages of belonging to AGRAGEX

Share experiences with the main Spanish companies in the sector.

Access to information on business opportunities in different markets.

Participate in commercial delegations to different countries to open or expand markets.

Figure in international media and advertising campaigns.

Receive regular information on the progress and evolution of the sector.

Increase the visibility of the sector and the associated company in the world.

Participate in an association that defends the general interests of Spanish companies in the sector.

Being part of an active organisation that defends the general interests of the sector and is widely recognised at national and international level.

Obtain advice on commercial operations, export problems, etc

Being represented at international trade fairs in the sector.

Receive visits from potential foreign clients.

Access to specific training on internationalisation issue.

Collaborate with complementary companies.

We are to help you

We have legal, logistical, financial and administrative contacts at the disposal of our partners.
Finally, we remind our partners that we are here to help them. The more a member makes use of the services, activities and value of AGRAGEX, the more they will get out of being a member of the Association. In addition, this will increase mutual knowledge.

AGRAGEX companies manage the functioning of the association through the following governing bodies:

General Assembly: The General Assembly is made up of all its member companies. It meets annually
Steering Committee: Its task is to submit proposals and suggestions to the General Assembly, while monitoring the management of the association.

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